Ki Archery

LV 3 : Ki Bow – By spending 1 Ki point you summon a weightless bow made of Ki and a quiver with 100 arrows also made out of Ki.  The Ki bow and arrows last for 2 hours / LV or until you dismiss it as a free action.  Use the statistics for the longbow in chapter 5 of the PHB for the bows statistics. In addition the bow is classed as a monk weapon and can be drawn and sheathed as a free action as it is weightless and doesn't take much effort.  Should the monk try to summon another bow the previous as well as any remaining arrows disappear in favour of the new one.

LV 6 : Flurry of Arrows – This ability functions like the flurry of blows class feature where as when the monk takes an attack action she can spend 1 Ki point to fire and additional 2 attacks with the bow.

LV 11 : Ki Stealer – When using the bow for every successful attack that deals damage you gain one Ki point from the creature you attacked. Creatures only have 1 Ki point per hit die that can be stolen unless they are also monks then you use there Ki point total. After a short rest any additional Ki points above the maximum disappear from the monk.

LV 17 : Arrow of Death – By spending 3 Ki points the monk can make one of her arrows deadly.  If you hit the creature with this arrow the creature must make a constitution saving throw, if it fails the creature is instantly slain. If it succeeds it takes 10d10 necrotic damage.  If you miss with your attack the Ki points you used are wasted.

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Ki Archery

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