Varsirius Fallen

Varsirius Fallen is the Leader of the NPC/Bandit Group the Whitehand


Str : 16/3
Dex : 14/
Con : 13/1
Int : 20/
Wis : 16/3
Cha : 16/

HP: 25/25

AC : 17 = 10+ Dex (+2) +Robes of protection +5 (rune) passed down his family


Fort : +2 =Base +1 ability +1
Ref : +3 = Base +1 ability +2
Will : +7 = Base +4 ability +3

Bab = +2

Weapons : Posioned Masterwork Dagger 2 // attack bonus +7 // damage 1d43 // 19-20 crit
Piercing damage / poison DC 16, 2 Con Damage/2 Con Damage 10 mins later //

Feats: 1st – Poison Use
3rd – Heart of the Flame (Fire Spells do additional damage equal to your character level)
Bonus (1st) : Scribe Scroll
Bonus (5th) : Eye of the Mage ( Able to detect how much mana is in an object, creature or any other being providing they are not hiding it.)

DC to Save against Spells LV 0 – 15, LV 1 – 16, LV 2 – 17, LV 3 – 18

Spells LV 0 Blast of Flame – target and all in a 5ft radius take 1 fire damage
Cure Minor wound

LV 1 Burning Hands 1d4/LV (max 5d4) 15ft cone Enlarge Person Mage Armor Mount True strike Feather Fall LV 2 Scorching Ray Protection from arrows LV 3 Fireball Mana Drain (Drain 1 mana / LV from subject for as long as you can concentrate DC 10)


Bluff +12
Craft (magic and masterwork) +14
Concentration +10
Decipher Script +14
Escape artist +11
Knowledge (arcana/mana) +14
Search +14
Sense Motive +12
Spot +12
Use Rope +11

Current Mana Count 25,362 Mana


Varsirius is an aspiring Mage who always had an affinity with fire. He grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Rockton now as he was a half-breed with a nichan background he and his parents were ridiculed and bullied by other surrounding villages. His Father a human called Varnis and his mother a ni-chan called Felusha were eventually killed by the people of Rockton when visiting the capital to sell there stock from the farm. Varsirius was later found by an old man named Dracon who was in fact a Mage and began teaching Varsirius who was actually quite gifted, he learned a lot from Dracon especially on his research on extracting mana from beings. After learning this technique however he decided to set out on his own to find his fortune. It was then he set up the Whitehand is own little group who would start to go about raiding places for wealth and or finding new people to join the Whitehand. Which is when he found he other companions Carnas and Wargak the two Rackus brothers, Rat one of the scaven and Sekan one of the Skaren.

Varsirius Fallen

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